• Offering themed gift baskets based on client’s preferences.
  • We offer small, medium and large baskets designed to fit any budget.

  • Looking for wine or chocolate theme? We got you covered.
  • Or, we offer gift baskets that have a little bit of everything. Each basket is unique and personalized, guaranteed to impress and leave a lasting impression.

Pick one of our pre-made baskets or give us some ideas of what you would like, and we can custom make a basket based on your needs. Pick a theme and price range and we’ll create one especially for you! Most importantly, we will put some finishing touches on your gift that will make it very special.

About Us

We know finding a special gift for a spouse, client, customer or friend, can take some thought, time, and effort. Our business was created to help you find the right gift for that special someone.

It all started when we were trying to find the right gift for our clients and fellow co-workers. There’s nothing wrong with gift cards or other general gifts but we wanted to do something special and personalized.

After creating a few baskets for fellow agents and clients, we got rave reviews on how much they loved and appreciated these hand crafted gifts.

Ultimately, each basket is unique. There are other gift baskets out there but none like these! They are all created with passion and love, “From The Heart”.

Give me a call, email me or text me to discuss what I can do for you. 407-595-1915

See you soon.


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